Criminal Records Check

Hiring a criminal or someone with a criminal record could be risky for your business or organization, especially if the person is of a foreign origin; from countries like India. Be safe by using our criminal records investigation, verification and checks service.

That's because in countries like India, the justice and police system works differently.There are no Felony or Misdemeanor courts like US instead there are Police Departments of various States and metros, with each State having it's own system of functioning. There are no computerized databases to be searched either, which makes the verifying criminal records extremely difficult.

But, relax. Don't let that stop you from hiring good candidates from countries like India. As a leading background checks provider, AMS Inform can help you verify the criminal records of any candidate; cheaply and efficiently. And you don't have to move from your desk either, all it takes is a simple order by clicking here.

Why us? Because, at AMS Inform, we understand the importance of hiring the right candidate. After all, we have been providing background check services for over 25 years to direct customers and to leading background check partners in USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific for candidates based in asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, U.A.E., Singapore, Malayasia, Philippines and Thailand.

All we need in order to verify the criminal records & credentials of a person are the following:

  • Full name of the candidate
  • Full address and duration of residence
  • Date of birth
  • Father's name (in case of unmarried males & females) and name of Spouse along with maiden name (in case of women candidates).
  • Copy of release and authorization

Once you provide us with all the details, the criminal record verification reports are usually prepared and sent by e-mail in PDF format (see a sample report) with-in 5 to 10 business days.

Still not convinced? You don't have to take our word. Just order a no-risk, no-obligation, free trial and request for a free verification by clicking here.