Our Management

Bringing together a wealth of international expertise and experience, many of our senior management have been instrumental in growth of our services around the world.

Santosh Kumar, Managing Director

AMS Inform is headed by its founder, Santosh Kumar, a distinguished professional lawyer with years of experience in background investigations and checks. He started his career as a primary correspondent for Retail Credit Company [EQUIFAX] in 1977., moving on to join Dun & Bradstreet as a correspondent before starting AMS Inform in 1981.

Today under his leadership, AMS Inform has partners and countrywide investigative agents across India and Asian countires with over 45 experienced staff members, fully equipped to provide the best background check and investigation services in the world.


Arvind Agarwal, Operations Manager

Arvind Agarwal received his degree of Bachelor of Science in 1974 from Agra University. He has been with AMS for over a decade.

Arvind is involved in day to day operations of AMS Inform., ensuring efficient business operations in terms of using as little resources as needed and effective in terms of meeting critical customer requirements.


Sachin Aggarwal, Client Services

Sachin Aggarwal is a graduate from Bangalore University where he received his degree in Industrial Engineering in 2001. He completed his postgraduate degree in Business Administration from Clarkson University, NY in 2005.

Sachin has lived in India, US and UK. Prior to joining AMS Inform, he worked with IBM as a Senior Consultant. At AMS, he looks after client relations and also works towards new business ventures.