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Are your teams ready to meet future compliance and due diligence demands? AMS Inform provides trusted insights across 160+ countries. Stay ahead with our thorough and accurate verification services.


Precision in every check

Choose teams you can trust, reduce your time-to-hire, and onboard a global workforce by verifying their backgrounds thoroughly.

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Whether it is onboarding a candidate or a vendor, verify claims in a click!

Education verification

Verify educational credentials accurately with AMS Inform’s comprehensive reports. Benefit from our extensive network, encompassing partnerships with educational institutions worldwide, to ensure the authenticity of qualifications.

Criminal check

Explore criminal histories, felony convictions, misdemeanors, and more for a global workforce through AMS Inform. Utilize our local expertise and advanced criminal verification software to make well-informed hiring decisions confidently.

Reference check

Verify references and validate claims using AMS Inform’s specialized approach. Employ our unique methodology to uncover the truth through an in-depth interview process conducted with references, ensuring thorough and accurate verification.

Credit check

Confirm a candidate’s financial stability and integrity with AMS Inform. Accurately hire top CXOs, advisors, and consultants in over 140 countries, ensuring you select the most reliable professionals for your organization.

Global database, sanctions, and PEP

Access and extract information from a vast array of global watchlists, including sanction lists, PEP lists, OFAC lists, and more, using AMS Inform’s best-in-class compliance tools. Ensure comprehensive due diligence and regulatory compliance with our extensive resources.

ID verification

Skip manual document scanning and automate ID verification with AMS Inform. Receive comprehensive reports on candidates’ identities efficiently, supported by AMS Inform’s robust verification processes.

Background verification technology

Easy-to-use, intuitive, and secure to safeguard your business from external threats.


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