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AMS Inform is a leading professional services company based in India. We work closely with our clients to identify and meet specific needs and this approach allows us to draw upon our expertise as pioneers in our field. We offer a full range of services; from background checks, business information reports and Insurance claims investigations to assessment services and our unique individual background check service VINFORM

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  • Assesment & Online Services

    We provide assessment for students, graduates and working adults. These assessments give you a wealth of information to help you make wise career choices. We also provide personal background check report which includes Education and Employment verification. Learn more

  • Insurance Claim Investigations

    With AMS Inform, you can leave the insurance fraud investigations and claims investigations in India to us. Our service is cheap in price, accurate in facts and fast in delivery compared to others. Learn more about and how to order a report of Insurance Claims Investigation

  • Business Information Reports

    Dependable Credit & Status information about potential business connections is indespensible when making decisions about future business relationships. Use our reports for information on all kinds of Indian firms and Businesses. Learn more about Business Information Reports

  • Background Check Services

    We offer Education Verification, Employment Verification, Criminal Record Checks, Reference & Supervisor Checks and Professional license checks with our background check investigations and verifications service. Learn more about and how to order background check service