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The fastest, most credible and accurate verifications in the world. Every AMS INFORM verification is backed with proprietary technology & human intelligence and verified trust.

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Understanding & Accessibility like no one else

Absolute accuracy of the verification is non-negotiable for us. Our 20+ language-speaking multilingual team, 140+ country footprint, 40+ years of experience extends reach, compatibility and efficiency that you can trust. The most credible, trusted, and dependable verification agency in the industry.

Bringing The World To You

Figuratively and metaphorically! We bring the world to your screens. No matter where you are in the world, and we get the right information to your screen in the fastest turnaround time.

Bringing the world to you
supporting our claims

Compliance & Services That Ensure Dependability

We support our claims with compliance in every facet of the service we provide. With an understanding of regulations and laws of more than 140 countries, we present verification services that you can trust.

Candidate Experience Amplified

The most valuable asset of your company needs to feel comfortable while you run a screening test on them. Give them the ease of accessibility, simple technology, and credible partners to be willing to go through the background verification process.

candidate experience
rich industries

The Rich Industries Portfolio

We wear multiple hats to fit the needs of every industry. 16, when we last counted.


Because we deliver you full-proof and trustworthy, verification reports in the fastest turnaround time. Our experience, our affiliations, accreditations, and partners worldwide make us the best.

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Technological & Human Resources

Everything we do is based on two simple foundations—provide the highest quality service in shortest possible turn-around time to every one of our business partners. Want to know more about the technology we used? The number of on-ground staff we have? What countries do we cater to?

Tools & Platforms


Because we understand the importance of hiring the right candidate. Our proprietary tools, software & platforms centralize information to ensure speed, quality, agility and affordability.

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