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Credible history assures an incredible future!

Confirming a person’s integrity is extremely important and sensitive. One can never be thorough with his/her credit history.

    Be 100% sure of a candidate’s credit history

    One can never be sure of an individual’s identity, primarily when he/she works as an accountant, financial broker, banker, and so on. That’s where we step in, to be 100% sure of a candidate when hiring for similar positions or those who have a lag in their credit history.

    Our trusted friends from accredited institutions

    AMS INFORM has ties ups with credit bureaus and provides individual credit reports. These reports are a comprehensive analysis of the credit history of a candidate.

    To confirm our findings, we run through credit checks through multiple Credit Bureaus. We promise a 48-hour turn around from receiving the KYC information for running a credit check on a candidate.

    Tools & Platforms


    Because we understand the importance of hiring the right candidate. Our proprietary tools, software & platforms centralize information to ensure speed, quality, agility and affordability.

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