Global Database, Sanctions & PEP

A Global Affair

When large-scale companies expand their presence by hiring workforce from across the globe, a grave concern looms over their existence. The increasing complexity of hiring for multiple verticals, locations & structures, companies often find themselves in an overwhelming spot of keeping up with the regulatory authorities.

Our access to Global watchlists, Sanctions Lists and PEP (Politically exposed Personnel) lists, OFAC lists and terrorist watch lists ensure your search to look more ends.

AMS INFORM – A Shield For Your Company

Our Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) searches gather information from current government officials, state-owned enterprises and their key leaders to badger the truth.

Sanctions, on the other hand, are a fight against global financial crimes. Sanctions searches are backed by civil and credit defaults and report a comprehensive overview of the crime done by an Individual.

We got you covered!

Manually monitoring global databases for AML/KYC compliance can be an administrative nightmare. AMS INFORM delivers an automated suite of compliance tools that offers accurate data with significantly reduced legwork.

With global affiliations in almost 140+ countries, our partners have supported us to develop software, and tools that add to the efficiency of background checks & verifications.

Our global database servers extract information from bureaus such as the ATS, RAW, Interpol, OFAC, FBI and other 4500 global government watchlists.

Tools & Platforms


Because we understand the importance of hiring the right candidate. Our proprietary tools, software & platforms centralize information to ensure speed, quality, agility and affordability.

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