Identity Verification

Identity Verifications Simplified

Don’t go flat when checking the identity of a candidate, especially when you can rely on a cohesive team and modern-tech to the job for you.

    Accurate Results in Under 48-Hours

    We will knock every door, screen and scan thousands of documents to get just the right information for you. With a solid network of certified professionals, we are virtually connected and committed to getting you accurate results in under 48-hours.

    Mobility. Accessibility. Reliability

    While we provide Identity Verification globally with the fastest turnaround times, we also have a super fast automated platform for India – Factum. For India Candidates, you can verify an employee’s identity under 1-minute. You can check the financial verification or identity verification via our software Factum. You can also choose to integrate its API into your platform

    Just a click of a button, and you will be able to verify the identity of an employee like a pro.

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    Tools & Platforms


    Because we understand the importance of hiring the right candidate. Our proprietary tools, software & platforms centralize information to ensure speed, quality, agility and affordability.

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