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    An insurance claim is made for multiple reasons both legitimate and fraudulent. To verify the legitimacy of these insurance claims becomes extremely important, especially in cases with a larger fund disbursement.

    Get top-notch, quick, and accurate investigation reports on an insurance claim from AMS inform with the fastest turnaround time.

    A trusted advisor for sanctioning claims

    AMS INFORM has processed more than 10,000 health and life insurance investigations with one of its oldest processing services, “The Face”. It processes health and life insurance claims in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Having a global footprint in more than 140+ countries comes handy for we work with a number of insurance companies and brokers in the US.

    AMS INFORM collects multiple data in the form of witness testimonials, photographs, videos, information bank, and more to get accurate information just for you. It does the leg-work in the quickest way possible and helps you make the right decision, every time.

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