Marriage is a lovely union of two souls, but things can get sour if you are not with the right person. It’s a lifetime union of trust and commitment. Before taking a step further to enter into this alliance, both partners must know about each other’s personal details, history or credentials, and most importantly, characters.

To escape all these horrors, it’s important to perform background checks in India for marriage.

Risks That A Person/Family Invites By Ignoring Background Check For Marriage

There are numerous risks of ignoring background checks before marriage, and below are the four major ones that every individual or family may invite by ignoring this verification process.

  1. Dowry and Debt TrapsThere has been an increase in cases where men fall into huge debts and then marry someone to get financial aid. With vigorous attempts to get out of the vicious debt trap, these individuals can often go down in their behavior to torture the bride violently for dowry.They will agree to marry only for money, not love, and the bride will suffer through emotional and physical pain. By ignoring background checks, you will miss out on the crucial financial information of the bride/groom, which may result in both living an unhappy life.
  2. Abusive Behavior and Domestic ViolenceTo get a respectable front in the community, people with a past record of violence, pedophilia, and sexual abuse often try getting married. However, their reality can be totally deceptive and perhaps a nightmare for the bride.It can be one of the major risk factors of neglecting a background check for marriage. You may end up marrying someone who will beat you up for no reason or for some suspicion. Your life will become a living hell if you marry someone with a shady background.
  3. Past Criminal RecordsOne of the most crucial risk factors involved in marriage by neglecting background checks is getting into a bond with someone with a criminal record. Your negligence may result in your daughter marrying someone who’s probably murdered someone or been charged for fraud.Many people try to gain respect in society by marrying someone from a well-known family to gain respite from their past crimes. Though it can’t be said that the groom with criminal records has some malicious intent with this marriage, the risk is prominent.
  4. Past Marriages and DivorcesAnother risk of ignoring background checks before marriage is getting into a commitment with someone who’s already married and/or divorced in the past. In worst-case scenarios, the person may have an existing married relationship with someone and have kids.You may commit to a lifelong bond with someone who’s already committed. These people may marry again for lustful desires or financial greed. With a proper background check, you could avoid this case of bigamy and save yourself from a ‘life of lie.’


How A Proper Background Check Can Pave The Way For A Beautiful And Peaceful Life

Marriage is a mesmerizing bond based on love, trust, respect, and commitment for each other. This lifetime union of two lives depends on truthfulness and reliability, and only a proper background check can bring genuineness into the relationship.

Like any other event, a background check in India is also crucial for marriages. This is a simple yet proper way to pave the way for a beautiful and peaceful life. Both bride and groom must know all about each other before getting married. Having a background check on each other will not only save them from a failed relationship but also fill both of their lives with never-ending happiness.


Challenges And Paint Points Of Performing Background Checks Systemically

There are plenty of challenges and pain points faced by the bride/groom while performing background checks systematically before marriage. Some of these pain points include:

  • Behavioral issues: A background check will involve both families in the process. This may not be something that your would-be in-laws will cherish. They may get upset with this decision and, if not understanding, may even break the proposal of marriage.
  • Emotional attachment: In many cases of arranged marriages, the bride and groom spend time with each other before getting married. They spend a week or even a month after the engagement exploring each other’s likes and dislikes. Amid such a period, the emotional attachment may become a barrier for both to perform background checks on each other.
  • Suspicion and doubtful approaches: In a country like India, where individuals still believe in the conventional norms of society, background checks may appear to be difficult to perform. With less open-minded people in the nation, the would-be in-laws may get upset with this behavior and may accuse you of suspecting them.

Despite all these challenges, you or your family members must know what’s good for your future.