A study in 2021 found out 32% of Americans lied on their resume. And guess what? 80% of them got hired for the position they applied for. What could happen if even a tiny percentage of them end up getting hired by a healthcare facility?

Well, our healthcare centers will have people who might not be fit to work there. That, in turn, can have disastrous consequences, such as

      ⚠ Cases of negligence that put patients’ lives at risk.
      ⚠ Reduced quality of care for patients.
      ⚠ Risks of theft, and abuse directed towards staff and patients.

No hospital would want any of the three events to take place on their premises. After all, it won’t only put their patients at risk but also gravely damage the hospital’s reputation.

We know what you’re thinking! Enough with the fear-mongering, how can hospitals avoid this? The answer is simple, thorough Healthcare background checks.

An Employee Background Check

What Type of Background Checks Should Hospitals Conduct Before Hiring?

Background check requirements in healthcare vary depending upon a multitude of factors. These include the job position, state and federal regulations, company policy, etc.

But here are some background checks every hospital must conduct before hiring a candidate!

  1. Identity Verification

    An Identity Verification will help hospitals make sure that the person is really who they are claiming to be. With the rise in instances of identity theft in America and across the globe, this becomes an important part of the employee screening process.

    Identity Verification usually involves face recognition, address verification, verifying contact details and important documents, etc.

  2. Education Verification

    An Education Verification checks the degree, certification, and training of the candidate. This becomes even more important for hospitals as they need to hire specialists from a variety of fields.

    Seeing that education is the most common thing that candidates lie about on the resume, one understands how important these checks are!

  3. Drug & Health Check
    Employee Drug & Health check includes occupational health tests, substances checks, and more to determine if the candidate is fit for the role.

    Healthcare professionals have to be on their toes and react in emergency situations, one can see why these checks are important for hospitals!

    Even the slightest of delay in decision-making can lead to someone losing their life.

  4. Criminal Background Check
    A Criminal Check is a deep dive into the candidate’s past records to see if there are any records of criminal offences. These checks are incredibly vital in ensuring a safe and secure workplace for patients and the staff at a healthcare facility.

    Not conducting a criminal background check on candidates can prove disastrous, as it did for this Eastern Iowa hospital.

    Looking at the consequences, it is much better to stay on the safe side, isn’t it?

An Employee Background check process involves a lot of digging into documents and on-field investigations. Here’s a tip

💡Hire a Company that makes background checks simpler and makes your hospital safe for both your patients and staff!

Choosing the Perfect Background Check Company

In order to conduct a thorough background check, technology, and human resource needs to come together. After all, not all background information on a candidate can be found in documents. Similarly, one can’t go around enquiring on foot.

So, only the right amalgamation of both can provide for error-free background checks. And when you choose AMS Inform, you get just that.

Choosing the Perfect Background Check Company

Also, the employee hiring process is increasingly becoming fast-paced. So, you would require a background check company with a quick turnaround time as well!

So, have you made sure that your hospital is safe for your staff and patient? Are all your healthcare professionals fit for their respective roles?

We hope they are and if you are not sure, well, you now know where to go to find out!