Hiring in the healthcare industry comes with a lot of risks. After all, it is people’s lives that are at risk. Also, every other region on the globe has its own unique recruitment challenges. So, when you’re hiring nurses in the gulf area, there will be certain risks that you are likely to encounter.

But it’s not like healthcare facilities do not have any way to mitigate these risks. As they say, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. So, if you are hiring nurses in the gulf, this article is for you!

When you look at how nearly 80% of job seekers lie on their resumes, it is important to be extra careful when hiring nurses. This way, healthcare facilities not only protect their patients and staff but also make sure their reputation isn’t damaged.

Hiring a background screening service is one way to make sure all your hirings are on point. After all, a look into the person’s past tells a lot about whether or not they are fit for work in healthcare.

63% of employers in the healthcare industry reported catching resume lies

Three Hiring Risks You Can Face While Recruiting Nurses in The Gulf

Inadequate background checks can pose quite a few high-risk situations in healthcare. After all, it is an industry where people’s lives are at stake. But the risks are not limited to that and also touch on several other factors such as the legal aspect of things.

So, conducting thorough background checks not only helps keep your organization safe but also makes sure you hire skilled healthcare professionals!

But before that, let’s talk about the risks first.

Risk to Your Reputation

Whenever an organization hires someone with a criminal record or a poor drug record, it risks its own reputation. Especially when we talk about the healthcare industry, safety is something that people look out for the most.

No hospital or healthcare industry would want a media mention involving negligence, violence, or fraud. That’s why it is important for them to conduct a thorough background check. If you miss out, it can be disastrous for your reputation in ways more than one.

What will happen, as a result, is that good doctors will not want to work with you and patients too will be reluctant to get admitted at your facility.

Compliance Risks

Every place has some regulations that all healthcare facilities and hospitals need to comply to. The same is the case in gulf countries. Say, if a case of medical negligence leads to someone losing their life in your hospital, the penalty your hospital will have to pay will be harsh.

So, one bad hire will not only put your patients and your staff at risk but also make you liable for being penalized heavily by the government.

Hence, it is always better to be on the safe side of things and delve deeper into every candidate’s past records!

Lying in your resume while applying for nursing jobs in gulf countries will not only be used as grounds for firing you but you will also be liable for legal action.

An Unsafe Environment

The biggest risk you face when hiring in the healthcare industry is putting your patients at risk. After all, it is the nurses who are responsible for attending to them. In fact, nurses need to be proactive in responding to emergency situations, too.

Now, let’s take a look at a few numbers to drive the point further home:

So, would you want your hospital in the news for these reasons? If not, hiring a good screening service with a quick turnaround time is the only way you can avoid this risk.

How to Avoid These Risks While Hiring Nurses in the Gulf?

Now that we know the risks inherent in hiring nurses in the gulf, let’s talk in brief about the ways you can avoid them.

Hire a Good Background Check Company

First things first, the entire process of background checks involves both online and on-field work. That’s why healthcare facilities in the gulf must outsource the screening process rather than trying to do it all by themselves!

There are lots of background check companies that you can find online that provide all sorts of checks essential while hiring nurses.

Trusted experts in the field such as AMS Inform will not only provide you with a thorough background check but they will also do so in a short span of time!

And do you know what’s the best part? You can get a free trial before you decide to trust AMS Inform for running background checks while you’re hiring nurses in the gulf countries.

Develop a Policy

Unfortunately, hiring a good background check company will not be enough to keep your healthcare facility safe. You will have to build a culture of transparency throughout the organization. And for that, you need to have a strong policy on who you are open to hiring and who you are not!

You should also work with your legal teams to make sure that your recruitment and screening are in compliance with the law.

And once you have a sound policy in place, you should spread it throughout your organization in beyond.

For instance, it will be better if you let your vendors and suppliers in on your background check policy. This way, everyone related to your healthcare facility in any way will have to go through a rigorous screening before they get the job.

Conduct Regular Screenings

When people hear the word background check, they usually think of the pre-employment screening process. But it should not be limited to that when it comes to the healthcare industry. After all, it becomes even more important to hire responsible employees when people’s lives are at stake!

So, it is advised that you conduct internal audits at regular intervals. This way, you will make sure that your entire staff is forever fit to work in the healthcare industry and are helping your patients on their journey back to well-being.

It is advised that an organization, especially if it is in the Healthcare industry, must re-screen its current employees anywhere between every two to five years!

Important Background Checks While Hiring Nurses

Now, while hiring nurses in the gulf, there are some background checks that are incredibly important. The top three among them include:

Criminal History Check

A Criminal background check scans multiple databases to look for any mentions of the candidate. It is easily the most important background check in any industry whatsoever.

Now, a nurse shouldn’t have a criminal record as it can lead to them endangering the lives of patients at the healthcare facility.

Criminal Background checks look for any pending criminal cases, incarcerations, convictions, etc.

For healthcare facilities, hiring anyone with these can be risky, let alone a nurse who is there to attend to the patients.

Drug Test

While working in the healthcare industry, nurses are frequently exposed to prescription drugs. Someone who has a history of substance abuse is not the ideal person to get such access to them. They might indulge in theft or abuse during work, which can increase the chances of medical negligence.

That’s why a drug check is important while you are hiring nurses in the gulf. It will, at the very least, give you peace of mind regarding the well-being of your other staff and patients.

So, pay no heed to those who say background checks are too expensive and time-consuming and reach out to us today.

The most common thing that people lie about on their resume is education, followed by years of experience and previous salary!

Professional License Check

A Professional License check makes sure the candidate is eligible for the role. It takes a look into how valid the candidate’s license is. And when you are hiring in the healthcare industry, it becomes even more important to run a screening on the candidate’s professional license.

A thorough Professional License check looks at the credentials, expiration date, suspensions, disciplinary actions taken with regard to the license, etc.

The Final Verdict

Running a healthcare facility smoothly requires a skilled and dedicated workforce. And the last thing you want is to hire someone who is not at all fit to work in such a place.

So, when hiring nurses in the gulf, make sure you avoid the three mistakes we mentioned above and choose AMS Inform for a thorough and quick background screening!

Meanwhile, we wish you Happy Recruitment!